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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

No Child Left Behind with Effective Literacy Instruction

Dr. Marci A. Malinsky.

This article will give effective instructional strategies for elementary school teachers working with literacy issues in the climate of No Child Left Behind. A review of the literature will include a description of effective international literacy programs. Particular examples will come from Australia, and a current take on No Child Left Behind legislation in the United States. The pressures for classroom teachers working with standardized testing will be examined, particularly as it is relevant to teachers in the United States. Classroom examples will come from work the author has done with teachers and pre-service students enrolled in university classes, and supervision of interns in schools in the state of Arkansas. Classroom teachers who are interested in literacy strategies, and have a philosophical orientation toward working in a learner-centered classroom will be interested in this article. It will be appropriate for teachers of students in grades K-8. Effective literacy strategies will also include suggestions for integration of literature for all students, with a particular emphasis on literature for struggling readers. Future challenges in the field of literacy will round out this article.


Dr. Marci A. Malinsky  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Department of Teacher Education
Arkansas State University

I am an assistant professor of teacher education at Arkansas State University. I have held this position for three years. Prior to this, I have taught in elementary schools for 28 years.

  • Effective Teaching strategies
  • Learner-centred classroom
  • Literature
  • Future challenges in literacy instruction

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