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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Information Communication Technology in Visual Art Education: Attributes and Limitations of Information Communication Technology in the Context of Visual Art Education

Arda Culpan.

This paper acknowledges the increased emphasis on the need for ICT integration in learning and teaching contexts, including visual arts education at teacher education level. It outlines a historical perspective of computer art to note a number of factors that enabled some of the early computer artists to successfully use computer technology as an aesthetic medium. It then draws on the author’s recent experience as an educator aiming to integrating ICT in visual art education courses at pre-service teacher level to highlight several factors that influence the way ICT can be integrated in the context of visual arts education. These factors include organisational and pedagogical considerations with respect to the aim of promoting optimal learning and teaching experiences in visual arts education.
While computers have increasingly been used in classrooms during the past two decades, the majority of art teachers are either not using them at all, or not in any significant way. This position suggests that the challenges involved in identifying, and acquiring the new skills, knowledge and resources required for effective ICT integration in visual art education are more complex than commonly thought. An essential step towards bringing about effective change is to address this issue at teacher education level where the advantages of ICT can be considered with a blend of open-mindedness and scepticism. The scepticism is to counter balance any unrealistic euphoria surrounding computer technology while open-mindedness is to see beyond its liabilities to identify the attributes of ICT relevant to visual arts practice in the context of visual artists and visual art education. This paper outlines some of the visual arts related attributes and limitations of ICT as well as a range of possible barriers to successful integration at teacher education and school level.


Arda Culpan  (Australia)
School of Education
RMIT University

Arda Culpan is a lecturer in the School of Education at RMIT University. Her main area of teaching is visual arts education. She has a special interest in:

* exploring the potential of computer technology (ICT) to add an exciting dimension to visual arts practice;
* providing professional support to local community visual arts projects, particularly those involving children's artwork;
* acting as a liaison person for the international students studying in the School of Education at RMIT University;
* investigating the influences on pre-service and in-service teachers' attitudes to integrating information communication technology in the context of visual arts education. This includes collaborating with practising visual artists and teachers in order to identify the most viable way of creating exciting links between traditional and new modes of learning and teaching in visual arts education

  • ICT (Information Communication Technology )

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)