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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Entrepreneurship Profile of Industrial Engineering Students

Prof. Jorge Alberto Galvez Choy.

The objective of this project is to establish a profile of the entrepreneurship potential of the students of Industrial Engineering of the Ciudad Madero Institute of Technology, from the identification and graduation of five variables: interest, attitude, motivation, aptitude and background. The universe of the study was the Industrial Engineering students of the institution, stratificated by generations and gender.

The main hypothesis H1, presents that the entrepreneurship profile of the subject of study is High. The secondary hypothesis, H2 that the enterprising profile enlarges as the students advances in their curricula and H3, not differences of kind in the enterprising profile exist. The results show that the variables that more impact in the decision of the enterprising profile in this study are the motivation and the aptitudes. The general profile obtained is High, what confirms the main hypothesis. The hypothesis H2 and H3 also were confirmed with the results obtained.


Prof. Jorge Alberto Galvez Choy  (Mexico)
Jefe de Proyectos de Investigacion
Departamento de Ingenieria Industrial
Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Madero

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Industrial engineering
  • Profiles

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