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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

The Efficiency In The New Professional's Formation: A Challenge For The Current Latin American University

Msc. Victoria Barahona Caro, Dra. Lourdes Miranda Hodelin.

In the new millennium emphasis is making in the development of the Superior Education, it obeys it the bond that should exist necessarily among the university, the economic growth, the progress scientific-technician and the social well-being, this implies new challenges to face on the part of the university. Mainly it constitutes an imperative to improve the administration of this institution type, intending the analysis of the modern models of administration starting from investigations, as well as strategies to establish them for the sake of achieving the quality required since in the university systems in these take place and it distributes the knowledge, considered today in day "a fundamental resource for any society." In the Cuban universities one works to achieve egresados with a formation that develops abilities and guarantee a competent acting, of excellence and leadership, a good domain of the new techniques of the communications and the computer science that it facilitates a high technological scientific productivity, next to an appropriate cultural preparation that qualifies them to satisfy the necessities of the country.

This way it is to facilitate the successful insert of the professional futures in the new international scenario with a solid acting singular and collective. Taking like base the relating ones previous, it is sought in this work to contribute to the position of the factors that you/they can impact in the improvement of the efficiency in the professional's formation.


Msc. Victoria Barahona Caro  (Cuba)

Superior Institute Politécnico"José A. Echeverría"

Dra. Lourdes Miranda Hodelin

Superior Institute Politécnico"José A. Echeverría"

  • Education Superior
  • Progress technical scientist
  • Efficiency
  • Administration-strategies
  • Professional Formation

(30 min. Conference Paper, Spanish)