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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Identity and Motivation in Second Language Acquisition: What do They Really Want?

Dr Alida Vizcaino, Ivan Junco.

Cultural studies have shown that the imposition of a foreign culture may cause rejection against the culture and language of a dominant group (Minninberg, 1996). Rejection thus becomes an influential factor in the identity of the dominated group. On the other hand, studies on second language acquisition have proved that there is a “socioaffective filter that causes the learner to be “open” or “closed” to the L2. (Dulay and Burt, as cited in Ellis, 1996). Under certain circumstances, the above factors may intertwine and play a crucial role in L2 learning.

This qualitative study thus explores the role of motivation and linguistic institutionalization on university students’ identities and on their success or failure acquiring English as a second language.

Two research questions guide this study:
1) How does the institutionalization of English into a university curriculum affect students’ motivation and identities as language learners?
2) What could teachers do to help undergraduate students develop their identity and shape a positive attitude towards learning a second language?
Answers to the above questions may shed light on issues of cultural conflict and problem resolution. Pedagogical implications and recommendations for further research are included.


Dr Alida Vizcaino  (Colombia)
Assistant Professor
Language Department Division of Education
Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar

Alida Vizcaíno has a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages from the Universidad del Atlántico. She pursued a Master of Arts in American and British literature at the University of Cincinnati ( Ohio , USA ). She obtained a doctorate in education and Literacy in Second Language at the University of Cincinnati in December 2002. She has been a teacher at Garforth Comprehensive School in Leeds (England), Universidad del Atlántico, Pitzer College in California (USA), Universidad Peruana de Los Andes in Juancayo (Perú), University of Cincinnati (USA), and Universidad del Norte.
Dr. Vizcaíno has published articles in Ohio TESOL Journal and she has presented at the Spring Research Conference (University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA), OCIRA Research Conference in Columbus, Ohio, AERA (American Educational Research Association) in New Orleans, Louisiana, IRA (International Reading Association) in Indianapolis, Indiana, and TESOL International in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Ivan Junco  (Colombia)

Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar

  • Identity
  • Motivation
  • Language acquisition
  • Institutionalization
  • Attitude
Person as Subject
  • Undergraduate students from various fields

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