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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

An Approach to the Educative Equity from the Learning in Children with Social Disadvantage

Lic Irene Cruz, Dr Alexis Durán Jorrín.

The present work pretends to make a scientific analysis that allows to identify the problems associated to the educative equity in children with Social Disadvantage in Primary schools allocated in “Jesús María” Neighborhood, which conform an edge of the integration, human development, knowledge and pedagogical process. We go deep in the study of the learning situation in these children, comparing them with the others of the group and the teacher’s role in the treatment of this topic.


Lic Irene Cruz  (Cuba)

Pedagogical Sciences Central Institute (ICCP)

Dr Alexis Durán Jorrín  (Cuba)

Pedagogical Sciences Central Institute (ICCP)


(30 min. Conference Paper, Spanish/English)