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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Historical Contents: Their Relevant Role in the Curricular Proposal of Today’s High School

MsC Haydée Leal García.

The Cuban school in today’s environment needs human men and women provided with a spiritual richness, owners of an integral general culture, supported in the Marxist theory and Marti’s thoughts, with high ethical values and a historical culture which allow them to have a good knowledge of the patriotic traditions and, at the same time, to be formed in the Cuban, Latin American and Caribbean entities.

This work states the need of acquiring strong historical knowledge and learning the way of thinking and acting of the Cuban Nation founders in order to understand and include the people’s historical morality and to defend the Cuban Revolution and Social Justice that it proclaims.


MsC Haydée Leal García  (Cuba)

Pedagogical Sciences Central Institute (ICCP)


(30 min. Conference Paper, Spanish/English)