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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Considerations about the use of Computers and the Educative Software in the Teaching-Learning Process

Lic Silvia García Frías.

It is a fact the acceptance and recognition by most of the educators of the goodness offered by the computers’ sciences and the educative software as pedagogical tools to strengthen and enrich the school learning. However, its use in the teaching-learning process is a frequent topic of discussion.
The different concepts respond to the different educative trends and pedagogical models.
The considerations that we are sharing are centered in the potentiality of these means to favor a developing learning and the challenges faced by the professors when using them in the teaching-learning process with a vision of development.


Lic Silvia García Frías  (Cuba)

Pedagogical Sciences Central Institute (ICCP)

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(30 min. Conference Paper, Spanish/English)