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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Project of Basic Education Quality Improvement: MECAEB - An Experience in Michoacan, Mexico

Dr Julio Mezquita, MsC Virginia Cuervo.

As part of the bilateral agreement between the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences and the Michoacan’s Secretariat of Education, last year 2003 started in the already mentioned state the research project “Basic Education Quality Improvement, MECAEB” in 35 socially disadvantaged Schools in three of its municipalities. The project has as main goal contributing to the improvement of the education quality, which encourages the students’ access to culture and to the preparation for life. It also favors the meaningful increase of learning and the integral development throughout the conscious and responsible participation of the different educative factors, including the family. In order to carry this out, four working stages have been determined including an integral and acute diagnosis in a sample of selected (socially disadvantaged) schools. From this diagnosis, it should be designed a strategy of change that contains the training work in situ in the already mentioned schools and the development of a Diploma Course for the teachers’ upgrading about the developing learning and the methodology for the teaching of Mathematics and Spanish language.


Dr Julio Mezquita  (Cuba)

Pedagogical Sciences Central Institute (ICCP)

MsC Virginia Cuervo  (Cuba)

Pedagogical Sciences Central Institute (ICCP)


(30 min. Conference Paper, Spanish/English)