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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Interpreting levels of Dissatisfaction: Exit, Voice, Loyalty and Neglect . A Case Study of Academics in an Australian University

John Annakis, Tsunehiko Nawano, Jeanette Slepcev.

This study evaluated academics perceptions of job dissatisfaction and assessed it within the job context of Higher Education in an Australian university. A case study design was selected for this research as it allowed for a comprehensive analysis of the context, which is known to influence some behaviour. In-depth, interviews were used, to encourage participant narratives from which a number of themes were extracted. The results revealed that the Australian academic work environment was not entirely flexible, and that this led to a number of themes such as isolation, parity, and recognition revealing an underlying sense of dissatisfaction to work conditions and organizational practices. After exploring these themes, a variant of Hirschman’s (1970), (Farell 1983); exit, voice and loyalty model was utilized to describe the behavioural reactions to job dissatisfaction, whilst a literature review was used to investigate the organizational and environmental context of the university to compare workers reactions to the extant literature. On the basis of these discoveries it was suggested that future studies could extend this research, utilising a larger sample across different levels and various stakeholders, considering both context and behavioural factors across the workplace.


John Annakis  (Australia)
Lecturer in HRM
School of Business
Swinburne University of Technology

John Annakis: BA (Soc Sci) Latrobe ; Grad Dip Urb Policy & Research SUT. MBA RMIT Research interests in Surveillance and Flexibility in Call Centre Centres, and Knowledge Management Education . My areas of teaching and research include cross cultural management, knowledge management, industrial relations and organisational change and my Phd research is in the area of flexibility and surveillance in call centres.

Tsunehiko Nawano  (Australia)
School of Business
Swinburne University of TEchnology

Mr Tsunehiko Nawano: BEd Kyoto University of Education (Japan); MEd Griffith University. My specialist areas are in Japanese society and culture, in particular bi-culturalism, and foreign language teaching methodology. I lecture in Japanese language and am devoted to improving teaching materials and delivery, including interactive reading and listening packages for the web. I am currently carrying out research in cross-cultural communication, particularly related to the business environment.

Jeanette Slepcev  (Australia)

  • Dissatisfication
  • Academics in an Australian University
  • Exit
  • Voice
  • Loyalty and Neglect

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