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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Oral and Written Narrative Production in Filipino of Preschool Children

Krishna Belino-Cabansag.

The study looked at the developmental patterns and characteristics of preschool children’s oral narrative productions – personal narratives (PN), reading of written text (RWT), and emergent storybook reading (ESR) – in terms of story grammar elements, and written narrative production (WNP) in terms of stages of writing development. Correlations of these variables with age, and with each other as well as differences between boys and girls were investigated.
Comparative qualitative analyses showed that, across all narratives 1) younger subjects gave shorter Introductions than older subjects; 2) younger subjects showed less knowledge of Time and Place; 3) older children gave more detailed plot episodes, especially in ESR. In PN, most of the subjects ended with middle events. Differences in language features in the children’s oral narrative productions were also found: verb tense formulation, sentence structure, use of dialogue carriers and direct quotation, use of conjunctions and connectives, and use of pronouns, with older children exhibiting more advanced use than younger ones.
Among oral narratives, children showed more characteristics of written language in ESR, followed by RWT and PN. This may be explained by the number of stimuli provided in each oral narrative production: pictures and text in ESR, pictures in RWT, and none in PN. This implies the importance of storybook reading in enhancing children’s language development.


Krishna Belino-Cabansag  (Philippines)
1.Curriculum & Instruction, YOUNG SCHOLARS LEARNING CENTER 2. Committee on Basic Education, House of Representatives
House of Representatives, Philippines

Since I was a child, teaching is my passion. I have an innate desire to teach children. Right after graduation, I worked as a Junior Instructor at the University of the Philippines. I taught there for two years. After that, I worked as Legislative Officer at the Committee on Basic Education at the House of Representatives. I missed teaching when I worked at the HOR. I decided to put my own school, i.e. YOUNG SCHOLARS LEARNING CENTER. The preschool is now in its 4th year of operation. I am so proud of our graduates, they all top big schools. I find fulfillment in seeing even our 3 year old children who can already read sentences and write legibly. My specialization is on Early Literacy. My masters thesis is entitled ORAL AND WRITTEN NARRATIVE PRODUCTION IN FILIPINO OF PRESCHOOL CHILDREN. It was nominated as the Most Outstanding Research in the College of Education, University of the Philippines.

  • Early Literacy
  • Emergent Literacy
  • Beginning Reading
  • Beginning Writing
  • Oral Narratives
  • Written Narratives
  • Emergent Storybook Reading
  • Emergent Writing
  • Personal Narratives
  • Reading of Written Text
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Person as Subject
  • Morrow, Lesley Applebee, Arthur Kaderavek, Joan Strong, Carol Medrano, Zosima

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