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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Critical Thinking Technology for Effective Teaching and Learning

Prof. Tatyana Oleinik.

We will discuss how to implement active teaching and learning strategies in the mathematics classrooms which are called as ‘innovative’ ones in Ukraine (the project on critical thinking development were started experimentally only 5 years ago). This presentation will consider techniques intellectual engagement of all learners according to the ideas of person/child-centered and work-based education. Our special attention in project was the problem of effective training mathematics teachers for the everyday practice. It is evident that now, when development democracy and market relations demand flexibly restructure the direction and essence of personal activity. Critical thinking educational technology helps teachers to get a sufficient level of professional qualities and to overcome set of problems. Thus, in the educational system there is a tendency that it should not only to give knowledge, but also to form the necessity for its constant acquisition during whole active life, to mould skills and habits of self-education also the critical and creative approach towards any information.
The main purpose of our project (as a part of International one) is to bring to classroom innovative effective methods of instruction for promoting student's development of critical thinking and skills of self-learning. In fact our workshops not only demonstrate critical thinking strategies during their lessons but support teachers’ believe concerning innovative activity as collaboration between all students for thinking across course content.


Prof. Tatyana Oleinik  (Ukraine)
Professor, Coordinator of Critical Thinking Project
Department of Informatics
Skovoroda Pedagogical University

Prof. Tatyana Oleinik, Center of Critical Education, Department of
Informatics, Institute of Science and Mathematics, Skovoroda State
Pedagogical University, Ukraine. She has been a coordinator of the
project on the role of critical education thinking for establishing open society. Her current research in the study of the critical thinking development, professional development, educational technologies using ICT.

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She is the author and co-author of a number of books, including:
1. Textbook of Critical Thinking Development
2. Discovering with Usage Technology of Dynamic Geometry Software
3. Pedagogical Experiment
4. Distance Education.

  • Active Teaching & Learning Strategies
  • Self-Education
  • Real Life Problems Approach
  • Using Information-Communication Technologies
  • International Project
  • Teachers’ Believe
  • Innovative Activity
  • Collaboration Of Students
  • Critical Thinking Across Course Content

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