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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Educational Innovation and Pedagogical Contracts in Preschool Institutions: Transforming Schools by Negotiating Attitudes

Dr Natacha Papaprokopiou.

The aim of this paper is to highlight the part played by negotiation when introducing innovation in preschool institutions. The generation of new behaviors and pedagogical practices is related to the development of new negotiation skills at multiple levels. Negotiations are validated by means of pedagogical contracts, which play a key role in the constant innovation of schools. The formal acceptance of different needs, attitudes, and actions is a crucial tool promoting the involvement of all members of the educational group and the support of innovation.
The first part of this paper consists in a presentation of the basic features of an effective negotiation, and of examples from action research projects that have been implemented in Greek preschool institutions. The second part analyses the factors contributing to the drawing up of an effective contract, that can ensure the survival of educational innovation. Finally, we shall give examples of negotiations that have supported the dissemination of innovative practices.


Dr Natacha Papaprokopiou  (Greece)
Assistant Professor
Department of early childhood of education

Dr of Sciences of Education, Member of the council of IEDPE ( ), member of EADAP (WWW.EADAP.GR ), ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF EARLY CHILDHOOD OF EDUCATION or TEI of Athens (

  • Dissemination of Innovative Practices
  • Strategies of Innovations
  • Pedagogical Contracts
  • Action Research
  • Social Partners

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