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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Standards and Accountability in Higher Education: How they are Impacting the Delivery of Programs

Dr. Janice Sandiford, Dr Sharon Kossack.

The Standards movement is rapidly changing the face of public education in the United States. State universities and colleges are now faced with new
challenges in the implementation of their programs i.e. performance based
funding, restriction of degree credit hours, increasing demands with
decreasing funds under the term of new definitions of accountability. The
standardization movement is occurring nationally in the US. This paper will
look at the standards and accountability movement both in the US and Internationally.

Most states have specific academic standards and measurement indicators in place. Concomitantly, norm referenced instruments designed to measure performance and yearly progress have been instituted. State by state data collection systems are in place which generate reports of institutional competence and performance consequences have been established. Mammoth state by state data collection systems now generate public reports of colleges and universities which grade the schools and distribute funds. These have strong likelihood of being merged into a huge, national evaluation system.

Tentative systems creep into place that indicates that Institutions of Higher Education are finding themselves under the accountability umbrella,
which promises major threat to academic freedom. This paper will explore the immediate and potential effects of the Standards Reform Movement on Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) in the United States and project the influence on IHEs in other countries.


Dr. Janice Sandiford  (United States)
Associate Professor of Higher Education
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Florida International University

Dr. Sandiford, is a faculty member in the higher education program. The major portion of her work involves supervision doctoral students in their coursework and research. She is a member of the Association for the Study of Higher Education and the Council for the study of community Colleges. Her research focuses on teaching and learning in general and specifically teaching and learning with at-risk students and using technology.

Dr Sharon Kossack  (United States)
College of Education
Florida International University

Professor of Reading; Directs at-risk-student- embedded in-school Professional Development Academies; stateside coordinator of a literacy and special education program (Every Child Counts) in Abaco, Bahamas.

  • Academic Standards
  • Accountability
  • Assessment
  • Performance Measures
  • Performance Indicators
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Consequences
  • Accountability Consequences
  • Standards Measurement Indicators
  • Standards Data Storage and Use
  • Performance Reporting
  • System Evaluation

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