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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

A Cross Thematic Curriculum Framework and its Contribution to the Education of Children with Profound Mental Retardation: A Preliminary Study

Ioannis Agaliotis, Dr Lefkothea Kartasidou.

Since 2002 a new Cross Curricular Thematic Program of Studies (C.C.T.P.S) was introduced in the compulsory education system of Greece. Cornerstone of this Program is a holistic and experiential approach to teaching, which is regarded as a more appropriate method for the development of self-regulated learning by all children. Last year there was an attempt to expand the guidelines of C.C.T.P.S. to Special Education Programs. Many questions arise regarding the functionality of the C.C.T.P.S. for Special Education and mostly for the children with severe cognitive disabilities, who cannot fulfill the demands of the curriculum especially the demands connected with the academic skills. In the case of these children the traditional academic skills must take a practical form and be directly connected with daily life skills and communication. The quality of this connection is a critical variable of the effectiveness of the respective instruction.
The present writers, as members of the scientific group responsible for the production of this new program undertook the enterprise of putting into practice an educational intervention having as a basic thematic unit the “self” and its relation to the following areas of individual activity: self-care and body hygiene, aesthetic expression, body awareness, introduction in the communicative use of language, social skills and introduction in the mathematical skills. The first part of the intervention lasted 3 months in total (September to December 2003) and was tried with a group of five children 6-8 years old, with profound mental retardation. The results of this part are being reported here and discussed in terms of their convenience as a basis for a model for dissemination


Ioannis Agaliotis  (Greece)

Department of Educational and Socila Policy
University of Macedonia

Dr Lefkothea Kartasidou  (Greece)
Lecturer in Special Education
University of Macedonia Faculty of Educational and Social Policy Greece

  • Profound mental retardation
  • Curriculum
  • Intructional guidelines
  • Special education
  • Skills

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)