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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

A Multiliteracies Focused Curriculum in an Australian Comprehensive High School, Framed by the Quality Teaching NSW Public Schools Model as a Catalyst.

Kathryn Meyer Grushka, Nicole Avard, Michelle Nicholson.

In meeting the needs of a society experiencing rapid knowledge growth and constant social and economic change, classroom teachers need to be responsive to new emergent discourses in education. Situated in a plural society, the traditional agricultural and mining community of Singleton High School is acknowledging its role in shaping new kinds of workers, citizens and emergent adult identities. This paper will present the work of an energetic and open team of teachers who have become active participants in their own and their students learning. They have begun this transformation by identifying the transition year of primary to secondary school as the most productive starting point for pedagogical change.

With funding support from the Australian Government Quality Teaching program the team has been using the Quality Teaching NSW model to reflect on their teaching and learning and embed a critical literacy and frame into their daily practice.

In achieving their aims the team have organised meaning making within inquiry modes and acknowledged a metalanguage of Multiliteracies. These are embedded in the investigative learning tasks that engage students in an understanding of how their constructed knowing is informed by the worlds of work, personal and public lives.

The students and the teachers have embarked on this journey together and the story of this regional high school is just emerging.


Kathryn Meyer Grushka  (Australia)
Retraining Manager Lecturer, Art & Design Education
Faculty of Education & Arts School of Education The University of Newcastle
NSW Department of Education

Kathryn Grushka currently is the Retraining Manger for the Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle with initiatives in vocational education and teacher/ industry retraining. She lectures in Art and Design education within the School of Education. Kathryn has represented the Design Education Council of Australia (DECA) for many years on the National Association of Arts Educators (NAAE). She is a practicing artist and community designer/artist. Research areas include arts curriculum, cognition in art and design education; development of identity in a postmodern context as well as vocational education and training. and retraining in teacher education.

Nicole Avard  (Australia)

Singleton High School

Michelle Nicholson  (Australia)

Singleton High School

  • Multiliteracies
  • Curriculum Inquiry Modes
  • Quality Teaching
  • Secondary Transition
  • Metalanguage

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)