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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Reinventing Advising to Enhance Learning

Prof Joseph L. Rosetti, Thomas Kopp.

This research follows the development of outcomes assessment at Siena College, a small liberal arts college of 3,000 students near Albany New York. During the 1998-1999 academic year the institution was at a mid point review by their regional accrediting body which was in the process of developing an outcomes based orientation to institutional review. Since the accrediting body would finalize these emerging standards prior to the 2004 submission date of the institution’s self study, the college was “caught in the middle of change.”

The complete paper/case analyzes the challenges of establishing an outcomes assessment program, but focuses on a significant opportunity which emerged. The case demonstrates the impact of a professional school’s curricular structure and the gains available from integrating advisement into the process of outcomes assessment to improve academic outcomes. The efforts to establish synergies between academic assessment and the advising process to improve student learning is presented within the context of an undergraduate business school. In addition to the experiential methodology inherent in the case research presented it also incorporates a modeling methodology. The models have significantly contributed to the development of specific recommendations of when and how to integrate advising and academic outcomes. Thus, this research provides insight to improve student learning within any academic school with a hierarchical course structure.


Prof Joseph L. Rosetti  (United States)
Professor of Marketing and Management
School of Business
Siena College

Professor Rosetti has been a member of the faculty at Siena College since 1985, and has recently returned to the classroom on a full time basis at Siena after serving for a number of years in administrative capacities as the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, Interim Dean of the School of Business, and Assistant Dean of the School of Business. His primary teaching specialties are Business Policy and Strategy and Strategic Marketing. His research interests are focused on strategic planning on the college campus. This has resulted in papers at the National Computers on Campus Conference, the National Wellness Conference, the Academy of Business Education National Conference, and the Northeastern Regional Academic Advising Association Conference.

Thomas Kopp  (United States)

Siena College

  • Academic Outcomes
  • Academic Advising
  • Higher Education Learning

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