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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Challenges and Solutions in Providing Educators with Multimedia-Rich Professional Development Opportunities

Doris U. Bolliger.

Offering professional development sessions in technology-enhanced workshops for educators can be challenging. Educators sometimes can be the most difficult learners in a classroom. Teachers in postsecondary settings have busy schedules with commitments to teach, research, and service. They participate in professional development opportunities when their schedule allows. Other challenges include their high expectations of instructors and the training, demanding attitudes, tendencies to vocalize their thoughts, and varying levels of experience and expertise, with instructional technology.

In 2000, a computer laboratory was designed at a mid-western comprehensive university in the U.S. This laboratory was funded with grant money and was to be utilized in the delivery of technology workshops for faculty and staff. The hands-on workshops are application based and are delivered to small groups. Faculty members, who have both teaching and service roles, are primarily responsible for teaching the workshops.

In fall 2002, faculty members began to standardize and team teach the workshops. This approach proved to be quite successful. Benefits for instructors and participants both soon emerged. Feedback from workshop participants was collected with the use of a Web-based questionnaire over a period of two academic years. Some of the benefits mentioned by participants included the individualized attention by instructors and graduate assistants, structured hands-on sessions, and presenters who complemented one another. The results demonstrate the success of the team-teaching approach for this particular audience. The presenter will share additional information pertaining to the instructional setting and provide attendees with the results of the study.


Doris U. Bolliger  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Center for Information Media
Saint Cloud State University

  • instructional technology
  • professional development
  • teaching and learning
  • software applications

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