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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Multicultural Education Techniques: Social Studies Methods Course

Prof. Kim Song, Jacklyn Lewis-Harris.

The Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity (CHOCD) is a program developed by the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. The CHOCD is the only center of this kind in the United States. This program teaches participants about the common origin of the human family and the importance of diversity. Lab based programs combine current scientific knowledge and contemporary social studies themes. Sixty five pre-service teachers enrolled in the 2003 spring semester of the Social Studies Methods classes were the subjects of this study. The subjects were required to participate in the Human Origin and African Cultures programs of the CHOCD. Thirty seven survey items investigated content knowledge of the geography of the African continent and its cultures, the geographical origin of the human family, human anatomy and skin color adaptation. Eleven reflective questions surveyed student perceptions about cultural diversity, African geography, the importance of teaching about human origins and the scientific evidence in relation to “race.” A pre-test and post-test evaluation was done to measure the content knowledge and attitudes about human origin and diversity. After experiencing the laboratory programs, the content knowledge of the participants was significantly increased and their ideas about both biological and cultural diversity reflected an increase in tolerance. Further research showed that students actually applied this information to their lesson and unit plans as well as their portfolio reflections.


Prof. Kim Song  (United States)
Assistant Professor in Social Studies Methods
Division of Teaching and Learning, College of Education
University of Missouri - St. Louis

Kim H. Song is an Assistant Professor at University of Missouri – St. Louis in College of Education, Division of Teaching and Learning. Her area of interest is standards-based performance assessment especially in the areas of social studies education, closing the achievement gap in teacher education programs, and electronic portfolio development. Her recent research has involved development of a conceptual framework of standards-based performance assessment to increase content competencies of urban pre-service teachers. Kim is a Korean Native and now working on a comparative study on conflict resolution skills based on children's literatures.

Jacklyn Lewis-Harris  (United States)

  • Multicultural Education Techniques

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