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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Concept Mapping and Lower Ability Level Students' Science Achievement

Dr. Donald Snead.

This presentation reports on the results of a nine-week investigation that examined the effectiveness of concept mapping on science achievement of middle grade science students. One-hundred eighty-two eighth-grade students, distributed into eight intact earth science classes by ability levels, were examined as a covariate on student achievement. Analyses of covariance indicated no significant overall effects of treatment on science achievement for this sample of students. A statistically significant effect was found to exist between concept mapping and student achievement among the average students measured by combined performance assessment items. The results suggest that concept mapping has a positive effect on average (lower) ability level science students.


Dr. Donald Snead  (United States)
Assistant Professor
College of Education Educational Leadership Department
Middle Tenneessee State University

Assistant Professor in Department of Educational Leadership

  • Concept Mapping
  • Lower Ability Level Students
  • Achievement

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