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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Reforming the “traditional” Teaching Methods in In-service Training Programs for Early Childhood Teachers: An Action Research Project

Dr Vassiliki Riga, Dr Kafenia Botsoglou.

The presented study is a six-years action research project about in-service education of early education teachers.
Aim of our research project was to investigate new teaching approaches in teacher’s education that encourage teacher’s professional development and life long learning.
Especially, we tried to provide teachers with learning experiences based in our belief that a crucial part in education consists the teacher’s personality. In order to evaluate the adopted teaching model and to sketch teacher’s views about their new experiences we used qualitative (interviews and direct observations) and quantitative (questioners) methods. The statistical analysis of the data from questioners was elaborated by descriptive methods, while those to interviews and observations were treated by content analysis.
The founding shows us that teachers after the training program they adopted new perceptions and aspects about their personal and professional status. Moreover, they started to approach differently the children and the procedure of teaching, mainly through pleasure and personal interaction. Finally, they pointed out that a training course could be effective only when they have the opportunity to be actively involved to the teaching procedure.


Dr Vassiliki Riga  (Greece)


Dr Kafenia Botsoglou  (Greece)
Lecturer in Early Childhood Education
Special Education Department
University of Thessaly

  • in-service education
  • professional development
  • experiental learning

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