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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Research is needed to change the Curriculum: According to New Century Demands in Pakistan

Farzana Panhwar.

In Pakistan all educational institutes can easily be divided into three different groups, according to educational establishment runs by various organisations. These are:

a) Educational institutes run by provincial government ministries.
b) Educational institutes run by federal government ministers.
c) Educational institutes run by private organisations.

The educational institutes run by the governments used the curriculum which was designed by the British officers at the times of pre-partition, still (even today) the same curriculum is used with minor changes.

The educational institutes run by the Federal government used curriculum from the British period the only difference in marking and grading system which is different from the old educational institutes.

The privately run educational institutes are of various types. Some used the same curriculum as that of the governmental institution, but most of these institutes now have affiliations with the foreign educational institutes, which use the same curriculum as Oxford University UK or that used in USA, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and many other foreign countries curriculum. These institutes definitely provide a curriculum which change fits the times and is more close to the requirement.

Although all the above three categories of educational institutions in Pakistan do their best, but still there is lack of certain consideration during the designing of curriculum. This has brought a big gaps in absorption of the educated persons in the recent industries. This is the reason that Pakistan’s educated youth have been frustrated in getting a jobs. Their educational degrees have not provided them enough understanding and practical experience to be hired up in the industries, using less advanced scientific machines, as most of industries are located near place where they get cheap raw materials, use less labour efficient system of work to full-fill mass-production and turnout products very cheap to meet growing population needs. This bring unemployed of educated youth at the same time vacuum in the technical profession in industries. In order to bring sustainability, research is needed to change the curriculum, according to the new century’s demands in Pakistan.


Farzana Panhwar  (Pakistan)
Research , administration and advisor.
The Sindh Rural Women's Up-Lift Group

Bio-chemist, working in research activities in the field of, education, gender, curriculum development, trainings,environment,pollution,cancer,nutrition,migration,organic agriculture, post-harvest technologies, genetic engineering, soil, climatic effect on flora and fauna, and animal husbandry.

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