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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Classroom Uses of Wireless and Portable Technologies: An Arts-based Teaching and Learning Model

Dr. Peter Gouzouasis, Anne Marie LaMonde.

From ancient times to the present, whether organic, electronic, analog, or digital, the elements of what is now considered new media have always rested in the center of the arts. Hammer and chisel, gut strings, paint brush, metal strings, watercolor, acoustic guitar, paintbrush, electric guitar, sheep skin, shellac, lute, magnetic wire, canvas, vinyl, and human voice — they are but a few of the many tools, or technologies, of the arts. When considered from that perspective, the contents of any media are empty and lifeless and their applications are meaningless without the contributions of the artist. The focus of this study is on arts-based pre-service elementary school teachers and their teaching and learning experiences in wireless, laptop university and public school settings. The narrative not only describes some of what we did, but how we learned to rethink the way humans use new learning and teaching technologies.


Dr. Peter Gouzouasis  (Canada)
Associate Professor
Faculty of Education Department of Curriculum Studies
The University of British Columbia

Peter Gouzouasis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum Studies at The University of British Columbia. He is the former music director of WRTI/JAZZ 90 in Philadelphia, which was the most listened to 24 hour jazz radio station in North America during the 1980s, and is also recognized for his work in writing and producing television and radio commercials broadcast across North America. His neo-organicist perspectives on music acquisition and learning led him to explore research in traditional and New Media contexts in the early 1990s. Peter was the first Authorized Trainer for Macromedia’s multimedia products in Western Canada (1993-1998) and was the first person to teach interactive multimedia courses in British Columbia and Australia. He considers himself a lifelong learner of music and media, and still pursues serious studies of guitar and other fretted instruments as well as performance in jazz, North American folk, Celtic, and Greek music contexts. Peter currently coordinates the Fine Arts and new Media in Education (FAME) cohort, the first group of students to go 24/7 with laptop wireless technologies at UBC. and is the recent recipient of the Sam Black Award for Excellence in Education and Development in the Visual and Performing Arts.

Anne Marie LaMonde  (Canada)

Faculty of Education
The University of British Columbia

  • Wireless and portable technologies
  • Arts-based teaching and learning model
  • Pre-service teachers and new technologies

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