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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

The Singing Teacher – An Instructor or a Counsellor?

Garrick R Jones.

The teaching of singing could be considered as a mixture of bridging physiological and psychological gaps. The instruction as to the physical technique of singing may be straightforward, but the attainment of the goals is often conditional on emotional or psychological state of the student or the teacher him or herself. No doubt, the same problems are encountered in the tuition of all musical instruments, but as the mechanism of the instrument is housed within the body of the singer, problems specific to singers are distinctive.
This paper addresses one of the most common problems associated with the teaching of the voice, the role of the singing teacher as a counsellor, and whether this role is appropriate or not.


Garrick R Jones  (Australia)
Lecturer in Music
Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Central Queensland University

Garrick Jones

Garrick has combined an active international performing career with academia. He has enjoyed world wide performing acclaim singing at most major opera houses in Europe and in Australia. He has been a featured artist both on the operatic stage and in concert throughout the United States and South East Asia and is respected as a serious teacher of the voice.

He was the vocal co-ordinator for the University of Wollongong for three years before returning to the performing industry and since 1999 has been the senior lecturer in voice at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

  • Music education

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