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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Paradigms, Metatheories and the Politics of Teaching Young Children to Read

Prof Denny Taylor, Bobbie Kabuto.

Denny Taylor will explore complimentary and contradictory theories of language, literacy and learning. Using paradigms and metatheories from both the sciences and the humanities as cultural texts she will argue that each theoretical framework is based on/and leads to different logic, different definitions of reason, and therefore different views of humanity. Out of the Cartesian theater, Taylor will advocate for theoretical frameworks which focus on literacy learning and the emergence of children’s social, cultural, psychological and political identities; and pedagogical practices which are framed by three guiding principles: [1] Literacy is a human right; [2] Literacy for the common good; and [3] Literacy for mutual aid.

Ganbare Matsui: Understanding Early Emergent Biliteracy/Bilingual Development

Bobbie Kabuto will focus on a four year ethnographic study of her daughter’s biliteracy/bilingual development. At five Emma was an emergent writer in four orthographies using the Roman alphabet, and three Japanese orthographies, hiragana, katakana, and kanji, as well as speaking both English and Japanese. After two months in kindergarten Emma stated, “I don’t want to be Japanese anymore.” Through the use of multiple, complementary and sometimes contradictory theoretical perspectives Kabuto will show how insights can be gained into the tensions that have arisen in Emma’s construction of social and cultural ideologies. She will address how Emma’s experience informs our understandings of biliteracy/bilingual learning at a time when speaking and reading in multiple languages is not valued in our schools.


Prof Denny Taylor  (United States)
Professor and Chair in Literacy Studies
Department of Literacy Studies School of Education and Allied Human Services
Hofstra University

Bobbie Kabuto  (United States)

  • Complimentary and Contradictory Theories of Language
  • Literacy and Learning
  • Pedagogical Practices

(60 min. Workshop, English)