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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Visualizing Dynamic Transformations in Interactive Electronic Communication

Prof. Patricia Search.

In this research I use animated visual patterns as site maps to provide an overview of information in a complex computer program. The movement of the patterns creates changes in spatial and temporal relationships that represent the process of defining new associations in interactive computer programs where users can link to different sources of information. The patterns create a dynamic kaleidoscope of visual relationships that symbolize the synthesis of information and the transformation of ideas.

This type of multiliteracy model requires new ways of structuring information and new ways of thinking about the networks of associations in multimedia databases. This model for interactive computing abandons the Western concept of logical hierarchies. The designs encourage the creative synthesis of ideas by using the visual transformation of patterns to suggest the process of exploring new relationships and networks of associations. This "open" structure in visual design challenges traditional Western approaches to information design that emphasize categories and temporal sequences which are defined by logic and causality. In my research, these new multiliteracy models for interactive computing focus on the visualization of flexible networks of information where the dynamic transformation of ideas continually redefines relationships and perspectives.


Prof. Patricia Search  (United States)
Department of Language, Literature, and Communication
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Patricia Search is a professor and artist at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. She received a Fellowship in Computer Arts from The New York Foundation for the Arts. She was awarded a Fulbright Senior Specialists grant to work on interface designs for online programs in Indigenous studies with two universities in Sydney, Australia. She received "Best Paper Awards" from the International Visual Literacy Association and the World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia. Her digital art and interface design research have been published in numerous documentaries and international journals.

  • Interface design
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Hypermedia
  • Multimedia design
  • Pattern transformations
  • Multiliteracy

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