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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Problematic Problem Solving Process Skills in Subtraction for Hispanic English Language Leaners

Dr. Roxane Cuellar, Dr. Maria Guadalupe De la Colina, Dr Sandy Cmajdalka.

This study investigated the performance of 74 Hispanic limited English proficient fourth grade bilingual students on problem solving process skills involving routine three-digit subtraction story problems with regrouping. The purpose of the study was to identify where the students were having difficulties in mathematical problem solving in relation to the following five processes: explaining the problem, estimating the final answer, representing the problem, solving the representation, and explaining the final answer. By identifying which of these processes are problematic for Hispanic limited English proficient students, educators will be better able to proceed with appropriate instruction in the needed areas to improve subtraction problem solving performance. Results of the study indicated that the only process skill that caused difficulties for the Hispanic bilingual fourth grade students was process 2: estimating the final answer.


Dr. Roxane Cuellar  (United States)
Assistant Professor in Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction Faculty of Education
Texas State University-San Marcos

Roxane Cuellar is an Assistant Professor at Texas State University-San Marcos. She specializes in Bilingual/ESL education.

Dr. Maria Guadalupe De la Colina  (United States)
Assistant Professor in Bilingual Education
Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction Faculty of Education
Texas State University-San Marcos

Dr. Maria Guadalupe De la Colina is an Assistant Professor at Texas State Univeristy-San Marcos. She specializes in bilingual education. She presently teaches the following courses, Reading for Diverse Learners, Multicultural Education, and Principles anof Bilingual Education, Theory Politics and Practices. In the past she has been an elementary bilingual teacher and a bilingual/ESL director for a public school district in Texas.

Dr Sandy Cmajdalka  (United States)

  • Limited English Proficient
  • Hispanic
  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Process Skills
  • Subtraction

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