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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Establishing Learning Organisation through a more Educative Approach to Education

Tinus VanRooy.

This paper argues that the nature of learning lies in a more educative approach to education, more specifically "new learning" with education at the heart of things. This requires a complementary approach which takes seriously the educator's aim towards the individual learner. This is an approach in which teaching, learning and assessment and their effect on the mind of learners are central. Among the issues that will be addressed are: the life world experiences that learners bring to learning, skills in the curriculum, critical thinking and the idea of the reflective teacher. One way of addressing the challenge is to integrate teaching, learning and assessment. It requires re-examining what is being taught (altering curricular content), how it is taught (improving teaching strategies), and whether students are learning what teachers think they are teaching (assessment of learning outcomes). This also puts demands on assessment. Effective outcomes assessment is analogous to good teaching, where the effectivess of impact on learner knowledge, skills, attitudes and values can be enhanced by good teaching.


Tinus VanRooy  (Slovakia)
Faculty of Education
University of South Africa

  • Intergrating Learning and Teaching
  • Educative Approach
  • Assessment
  • Learner Centered
Person as Subject
  • Van Rooy, Tinus

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)