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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

The Youth Internet Radio Network: Learning through Music, Creativity and ICT's

Greg Hearn, John Hartley, Jo Tacchi.

This project investigates how interactive technologies can combine with training and enterprise development, and young people’s own desires for content creation, to establish a network of users across differing geographical and social ecologies, creating new cultural forms and economic outcomes. The research uses a new method – ethnographic action research – to investigate how young people from urban, regional, remote and Indigenous environments will learn, network, and create their own content on a Youth Internet Radio Network. Analysis will describe and influence the creative, social and technical processes, and identify opportunities for innovation, enterprise development and regional sustainability.


Greg Hearn  (Australia)
Professor of Media and Communication
Creative Industries research and Applications Center
QUeensland University of Technology

Greg Hearn is Professor of Media Communication and Research and Development Co-ordinator in the Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre at QUT. Over the last ten years, his consulting and research has focused on the future cultural impacts and opportunities of global communication networks, for organisations and communities. He was a consultant to the Broadband Services Expert Group, the national policy group which formulated Australia’s foundation framework for the Internet in 1994. As well, he has been involved in high level consultancy and applied research with organisations including British Airways, Telstra and many Australian government agencies, focusing on adaptation to new media technologies. He has been a visiting fellow in both the United Kingdom (The Centre for Research in Innovation, Culture and Technology – Brunel University) and the United States (Cornel University). His research is published widely.

John Hartley  (Australia)

Queensland University of Technology

Jo Tacchi  (Australia)

  • Youth
  • Internet Radio
  • Ethnographic Action Research

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)