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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

The Cultural Interaction in On-line ESL Teaching and Learning

Shen Chen.

In the new era of 21st century, the teaching of ESL/EFL in the world is facing unexpected challenges as result of economic globalization and technological innovation in education. The teaching of ESL/EFL becomes increasingly important for non-English speaking countries. In addition, it is also of great significance in promoting mutual understanding by international communities through learning English.

In designing multi-media ESL/EFL learning software and implementing teaching tasks, ESL/EFL educators’ emphasis has been laid on the two sides of one coin: language teaching content and language learning process. The former focuses on how to organize teaching materials including detailed contents arranged in different stages, units and lessons in accordance with the features of online teaching. Language exercises, assessment and evaluation are also in associated with texts presented by visual images and audio effects. The latter refers to how to rely on existing multi-media ESL/EFL learning software in delivering of the language learning activities, which engage ESL/EFL learners’ active participation and interaction through on-line ESL/EFL teaching.

However, “the third dimension” of online ESL/EFL teaching and learning, namely, the cultural interaction seems to be neglected. There is an undeniable pedagogical discrepancy due to the difference of cultural contexts in which the “starting point” or “service center” of providing of on-line ESL/EFL teaching and “terminals” of learning are allocated. This paper attempts to explore these issues in the light of the current language teaching and educational theories as an effort on studying cross-cultural interaction in relation to online ESL/EFL teaching and learning.


Shen Chen  (Australia)
Associate Professor
School of Education Faculty of Education and Arts
The University of Newcastle

  • Culture
  • On-line
  • Teaching
  • Learning

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)