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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

In Pursuit of Excellence: Using High Stakes Assessment Strategies as a Teaching and Learning Tool for the Development of Performers of Excellence

Judith Elizabeth Brown.

This paper presents a number of research challenges in understanding the way that high stakes assessment strategies can be used in the development and training of the performer, whether as a musician, actor or dancer, to a professional level of excellence. The paper begins by defining the nature of live performance and the way that high stakes assessment strategies can be used as a teaching and learning tool, as well as an assessment tool, that has relevance to the performing artist as they strive to achieve their performance goals. It considers the levels of meaning that the assessment strategies acquire as the student progresses through their course of study. Furthermore, the paper investigates the use of high stakes assessment strategies in developing generic skills for performers who work as soloists or as members of performing groups. Finally, the paper suggests areas for future research to refine this framework in the context of the tertiary environment.


Judith Elizabeth Brown  (Australia)
Sub-Dean Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Central Queensland University, Queensland, Australia

Judith Brown is the Sub-Dean of the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music where she lectures in music history and theoretical studies. Her research interests include performance training in music theatre and lifelong learning in the performing arts and she has published internationally and nationally on these issues. Judith maintains an active performance profile and also is in demand on ABC radio as a music historian with particular reference to the history of popular music.

  • Performing arts
  • High stakes assessment
  • Performance

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