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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Multicultural Model of HIV Prevention for Youth

Dr. Annabelle Nelson.

The planet is suffering from the HIV/AIDS epidemic. In sub-Saharan Africa 50% of the children will grow up as orphans because theirs parents are dying from AIDS. In the U.S. the AIDS pandemic is moving into the heterosexual people of color population. The WHEEL Council, an NGO in the United States, has developed an effective HIV Prevention program using the Learning Wheel, a multi cultural, multi intelligence model. The HIV Storybook is designed to include storytelling, knowledge, skills, self efficacy, role playing and art and poetry to increase young people’s efficacy to talk to potential partners about and insist on condom use. A companion curriculum, a fotonovela, is a comic book for parents to read with their teens on a current story of tribulations due to unprotected sex coupled with a traditional cultural story exemplifying health values. The program has been used for three years in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, USA, a low income neighborhood of Latino-Latina youth. Early results show an increase in the ability of the youth to talk to sexual partners about condoms. This empowerment approach shows that using the strength of cultural health values can prevent self destructive behaviors and help youth grow to realize their dreams.


Dr. Annabelle Nelson  (United States)
The School of Human Organization and Development
Fielding Graduate Institute

Annabelle Nelson has travelled the world and plied her trade and expertise in learning and psychology to create empowering educational and health programs for adults, American Indians, and young people growing up in impoverished communities. Annabelle holds a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in Developmental and Child Psychology, is a Professor at the Fielding Graduate Institute, has completed a Fulbright fellowship in India, and is the President of the WHEEL Council, Wholistic, Health, Education and Empowerment for life. She has published six non fiction books in learning, spiritual development and psychology, as well as many articles.

  • HIV prevention
  • storytelling
  • multicultural
  • multi intelligence

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)