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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Reading, Writing, and Laughing N’Sync: An Ethnographic Study of Life in an Internet Chat Room with Adolescents as they Explore Popular Culture, Literacy, Power, and being Female

Lori A. Norton-Meier.

This ethnographic study describes the literate lives of adolescent females who play with language to explore their interest in popular culture while in an Internet chat room environment. Particularly, this research reveals how the Internet through chat rooms and bulletin boards is offering a new social world in which young females talk and listen, read and write, use humor and laugh. Ongoing analysis has contributed to the formation of a model of the conditions that affect and enable young women to invent themselves as literate human beings within societal conventions of “being female,” interacting in cyberspace, and what is seen by the school as “appropriate literacies.”


Lori A. Norton-Meier  (United States)
Assistant Professor in Literacy Education
College of Education
Iowa State University

  • Technology
  • Mulitple Literacies
  • Humor
  • Literacy Environments
  • Adolescence

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)