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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Universal Set of Cultures and the Educational Policy

Dr Irina Mitina.

Global community formation engages national states by new liabilities before the people of the planet. One such liability is to create prerequisites for a steady co-existence of ethnic groups with a simultaneous preservation and development of cultural heritages. In the foreseeable future the mankind will have to exist in a policultural world, where neither of the cultural models will have legitimate and majority-shared advantage. The important educational goals thus become individual’s immersion into the cultural multi-context, mutual adaptation of cultures based on equitable links.
These goals can be attained by way of coordinating national educational strategies not just on regional, but on a global level too. In the educational sphere the global paradigm is rather to define the general approaches to the educational policy than the contents of the curricula or students’ assessment criteria. While higher education provides the young with the possibility of maximum space mobility, pre-university training is forming its mental prerequisites.
Enrichment of such terms as ‘land’, ‘place’, ‘house’ with new, global meaning, formation of an ecological attitude to the Earth as people’s common cultural house, combination of multiculturality and topophilia as a natural prerequisite for identity may become a basis for the convergence of national and regional educational systems. This is important to overcome the fright of the Alien and softly transplant new cultural samples of imagination development, personal creativity.
No culture of a single ethnic group can be abolished or replaced, yet cultures can be modified. The educational system is among the means promoting modification.


Dr Irina Mitina  (Russian Federation)
Senior Research Worker
Philosophy Department
Teachers Training University

Expert in social and political philosophy. Author of about 70 published research works; co-author of three text-books. Presently lectures in philosophy and a number of special courses. Is a scientific adviser of post-graduate students. Participant of Humanities’ 2003.

  • National Training Systems
  • Cross- Cultural Sensitivity
  • Cross- Cultural Knowledge
  • Educational Curricula

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)