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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

The Internet and Cyber Crimes: A Lack of Awareness of Security Issues by Teachers Who Use Innovative Technology in the Classroom

Dr David S. Brown.

Use of the internet has been documented as rapidly growing in ever sector of the economy and every country in the world, especially in education. Although 260 million people were using the internet worldwide in 1999, the number climbed to 520 million by 2001 with 166 million of those individuals living in the U. S. Schools have also been increasing in their numbers of purchased computers for student use and then allowing students access to the internet while at school. In 2001, the U. S. was the leading country in the world to have internet usage by students at school and with the push for computers in every school to be hooked to the web, access by U. S. student internet use alone is increasing in astounding numbers. With more and more schools getting the web, teachers are becoming promoters of web-based activities encouraging to and forcing students to go online. Increasing technology use seems to be a wonderful goal, but online crimes are increasing daily, with teenagers being the ones who are committing the majority of these cyber crimes. This paper will discuss the increased worldwide use of computers and the internet in classrooms as well as discuss research comparing what teachers know about cyber crimes (very little) and what students are actually involved in (a great deal). The differences between these two will be alarming to educators and should encourage them to take cyber safety training.


Dr David S. Brown  (United States)
Assistant Professor
School of Education
The University of Tulsa

David has been teaching graduate and undergraduate education students at the University of Tulsa for the past three years.
David comes to TU after teaching high school earth science and geology for the past 12 years, bringing real life experiences with him.
He works with all science majors at TU yet his specialty is geology and earth science.
David has recently become invovled with teaching GIS mapping to teachers and students.

  • Cyber crimes
  • Internet
  • Cyber safety
  • K-12 education

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