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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Evaluation Of University-Level Teaching: What The Research Tells Us

Prof Don Collins, Prof Heather Coleman, Assoc Prof Jackie Sieppert.

Student evaluation of faculty teaching has assumed center stage in universities, where a consumer-driven climate now focuses tremendous attention on obtaining student assessments of their educational experience. . Some contend that teaching evaluations are susceptible to manipulation by faculty whose tenure, promotion, and salary depend upon favourable student ratings (Weinbach, 1988). Others argue that evaluation of instruction is an infringement on academic freedom by exerting control over what is generally considered to be the domain of professors, namely grading, course content and teaching methodology (Haskell, 1997). It is generally believed that student evaluations of instruction capture multidimensional constructs that may or may not directly correlate with student learning. In this paper, we examine the research evidence concerning the validity of student ratings of instruction, point out the contaminants of these evaluations, and discuss the political implications of this research.


Prof Don Collins  (Canada)
Faculty of Social Work
University of Calgary

Prof Heather Coleman  (Canada)

Faculty of Social Work
University of Calgary

Assoc Prof Jackie Sieppert  (Canada)

Faculty of Social Work
University of Calgary

  • Faculty evaluation
  • Student ratings
  • Teaching evaluations

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)