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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

At-Risk Learners, Technology, and Mathematics:The Effects and the Guidelines for Design

Qing Li, Kelly Edmonds.

In this study, we attempt to examine the effects of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) on adult at-risk learners. We also present viable teaching strategies and design guidelines for at-risk students with a focus on the web-based delivery method. Both quantitative and qualitative analyses are conducted for the study. The sample is chosen from an adult high school in Canada. For the quantitative analysis, the treatment group constitutes 22 adult learners and the control group constitutes 16 adults (without CAI instruction). The preliminary analysis shows that the drop out rate for the experimental group was much lower than that of the control group. Further, students who engaged in CAI showed a significant achievement gain. The qualitative analysis indicates that students engaged in CAI have increased confidence level and satisfaction. CAI enables a more appropriate use of scaffolding for individual student learning. We also found that Online and in class learning complement each other and students’ knowledge, skill and ability reflected in face-to-face settings were easily transferable into online environment. Based on the results, we propose that learning for the at-risk students should be offered in two levels: first, a focus on skill building with reinforcing corrective learning, and then empowered with problem-based approaches. We also suggest viable strategies from both cognitive and online development perspectives.


Qing Li  (Canada)
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education
University of Calgary

Dr. Li is an assitant professor at the University of Calgary, Canada. She received her Ph.D from the University of Toronto, Canada. Her research interest includes: technology, gender, and mathematics education.

Kelly Edmonds  (Canada)
Graduate Student
Master's in Educational Technology
University of Calgary, Alberta

Kelly has worked for a number of years in accounting practices, and later went on to get her teaching certificate. After teaching adults for 10 years in public and business education, she now pursues an advanced degree to better understand how to integrate technology into learning. Her interests are literacy, struggling students, online design, technological advances, and narrative approaches to learning.

  • At-risk students
  • Technology
  • Mathematics

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)