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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Distributed Learning: Expanding Literacy Options

Susan Crichton, Elizabeth Childs.

How can we make effective use of global resources to pave the path for increased literacy options and development of a civil society? This paper proposes an educational model as a sustainable, distributed learning solution, suggesting that it is through the access to information that individuals can build personal knowledge and empower themselves to make change and support innovative paradigm shifts at the personal, family, community, national, and global levels. Grounded in theories of sustainability and activity, the model describes a portable learning lab that can be implemented in low or high technology environments and includes considerations for implementation and preparation of materials. This paper suggests that the building of human capacity is one of the most critical issues facing the 21st century. It is only through the development of an informed and critical population that countries can participate in the global marketplace. The learning option proposed here supports the issues of social justice and equity of access as well as supporting the notion of low tech solutions to problems of literacy and access.


Susan Crichton  (Canada)
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education - Educational Technology
University of Calgary

I have taught in the K-12 sector for many years focusing on distributed learning environments for at risk or disadvantaged learners. Research interests include online learning, teacher preparation, desktop digitial video.

Elizabeth Childs  (Canada)
Educational Technology
University of Calgary

Elizabeth A. Childs has worked in a variety of corporate, government and academic settings as an educational consultant and performance improvement specialist focusing on training design, delivery and evaluation in both the distributed and face-to-face environments.
Some of her current projects include evaluating an online professional development program for online educators and developing a distributed learning strategy for the Canadian Naval Officers Training Centre. Elizabeth’s area of research interest involves models of professional development and communities of practice that are created and sustained to support online educators.

  • Educational Models
  • Sustainable Distributed Learning Solution
  • Access to Literacy Options
  • Portable Learning Lab

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)