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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Anti-Racist Teacher Education: Relationship, Responsibility, Reverance, Respect, Developing Critical Student Leadership

Liz Cooper, Yvonne McLeod.

This workshop will be an informative and interactive session as two educators (one a Saulteaux-Cree First Nations woman and one a EuroCanadian woman) share a demonstration of how we develop students' critical thinking and leadership skills in a Cross Cultural (Anti-Racism) educational course. The presentation will focus on the ‘racist ladder’ (Boyko, 1998) and how the principles of ‘ relationships, responsibility, reverence and respect’ may be incorporated through understanding the need to “be careful for what you think becomes what you say and….what you do ….” The students are encouraged to think about issues of culture, equity and justice in the context of the diversity of Canadian life and governance. The principles of ‘relationships, responsibility, reverence and respect’ are offered as a means to continue and strengthen our circle of understanding and caring. The course assists student teachers to develop critical understanding of the social and political context of racism and to further develop and use their present leadership skills in ways which will benefit all the children and all the communities in which they will work.


Liz Cooper  (Canada)
Associate Professor of Education
Faculty of Education
University of Regina

Dr. Cooper is a teacher educator, specializing in critical justice, anti-racist and cross cultural studies. She also teaches professional studies, which concentrates on helping teachers to refine their praxis, curriculum, and works with doctoral students interested in narrative research.

Yvonne McLeod  (Canada)

  • Justice
  • Teacher Education
  • Leadership
  • Anti-Racism

(60 min. Workshop, English)