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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Higher Education and the "General Intellect"

Tahir Wood.

The paper begins by reviewing recent innovations in the field of Higher Education, particularly those associated with the competence movement and outcomes based education. It goes on to argue that these developments are strongly motivated by deep changes in the nature of work. Amongst the issues discussed here are the role of information and communication technologies, new worker subjectivities and the demand for relevance in Higher Education, as well as the crucial concept of lifelong learning.

The implications of these developments are explored with reference to Marx's notion of the "general intellect" and the argument is put forward that these are not simply the result of policy initiatives by governments, but that they reflect a deep and irreversible change in the nature of education and work.


Tahir Wood  (South Africa)
Director of Academic Planning
Academic Planning Unit
University of the Western Cape

My background is in English teaching, although my activities are confined largely to management now. I have a PhD from the English Dept of the University of Cape Town.

  • Higher Education
  • Innovation
  • Outcomes based education
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Worker Subjectives
  • General Intellect

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)