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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Cross-cultural Education in Cambodia

Marsha Barber.

The author has twice designed and conducted training for broadcast journalists in Battambang, Cambodia. Her research consisted of giving detailed surveys to the students in her classes. The goals were to find out how the pedagogical methods of overseas trainers were perceived by the Cambodian students, how this style of teaching affected student learning outcomes, and to discover the cultural differences which might affect those outcomes. In addition, the author hoped to discover how teaching with the aid of interpreters affected students' ability to absorb new concepts. The survey revealed that Cambodian students see many differences between the way overseas and Cambodian educators teach. It also revealed that Cambodian students believe overseas educators have much to learn about Cambodian culture before stepping into the classroom, and that interpreters cannot compensate for this. Finally, it revealed that the majority of Cambodian students believe they benefit by being exposed to different teaching styles and philosophies. The author hopes that the research results will be useful to other educators and trainers involved in cross-cultural education.


Marsha Barber  (Canada)
Assistant Professor
School of Journalism
Ryerson University

Marsha Barber is an assistant professor of broadcast journalism at Ryerson University. She trains journalists both in Canada, at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and internationally. The research for this paper was conducted during one of her stints training journalists in Battambang, Cambodia

  • Cross-cultual Education
  • International Education
  • Cross-cultural Training

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)