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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

The i-TeacherEd Project: An Action Research Project on the Integration of Technology into a Teacher Education Program

Dr. Mhairi Vi Maeers.

Beginning in the Fall 2002 semester 150 pre-service teachers in their third year of a four-year Elementary Teacher Education Program (Kindergarten through Grade 8) participated in technology modules intended to enable them to integrate technology in appropriate ways into their assignments and also into their field placement classrooms. A team of four researchers collected data on the experiences of these preservice teachers. These researchers also worked with faculty who were directly connected to these preservice teachers, to help these faculty members make sense of how and why the technology was being used.

In the Fall 2003 these 120 preservice teachers completed a 13-week internship experience in a classroom. Nine of these preservice teachers were closely followed during this internship and were interviewed towards the end of the internship. Data was collected on different experiences these interns had with technology in their teaching.

In the Fall 2004 these nine preservice teachers--who will now be (hopefully) inservice teachers will again be tracked to collect data on how they are using technology.

This presentation will report on the first two years of this project and will highlight the rationale for the study, a brief overview of the content of the technology modules, a summary of some of the accomplishments of the preservice teachers in years 3 and 4 of the program, an overview of the faculty development that occurred in the process, and some key findings from the interns and their co-operating teachers regarding the accomplishments and challenges of attempting to integrate technology into the curriculum during internship.


Dr. Mhairi Vi Maeers  (Canada)
Professor, Mathematics Education; Director, Centre for Academic Technologies
Faculty of Education; Centre for Academic Technologies
University of Regina

Mhairi (Vi) Maeers is currently the Director of the Centre for Academic Technologies at the University of Regina. Her principal focus is to enable faculty to learn about technology and to integrate technology in appropriate ways into their teaching/learning environments. This interest began 10 years ago with the creation of Math Central (, a website for teachers and for preservice teachers. Vi has used this website and her mathed website (http://education.uregina.camathed) to enable preservice teachers to use technology in thoughtful ways to support learning.

  • Pre-Service Teacher Education
  • Technology Integration
  • Faculty Development

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)