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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

A Fresh Approach to Teacher Education: Ancestral Value Sysstems

Mana Forbes.

The foundation of learning is to create a place where knowledge is shared in a family group context, and reflects millennia of traditional learning in indigenous methodologies resulting in the learner sharing the experience of leadership roles, and where creative thinking is fostered to enhance the learning quality. This training extends to teaching math, science and many forms of technology working with both children and adults.

In most cases we have been teaching the disenfranchised and disempowered the things they need to know to participate in controlling and guiding their own futures and to make their own decisions. Even though the core problem rests in the residue of centuries’ long colonialism, paternalism, and loss of language as a result of the cultural suppression mandated by government policies. This paper discusses, from practical observation in two different countries of indigenous models, the effects of having a self?determination approach to teaching and learning.

This approach utilizes the individual’s innate cultural and artistic legacy to ensure this legacy will not be lost. Likewise, a sense of urgency is prompting a vital renaissance of cultural and artistic traditions to ensure further creativity within our native communities. These alternative solutions may well benefit not only indigenous learners in schools, but the entire school population


Mana Forbes  (New Zealand)
Council, Director of Elders Education
Te Wananga o Aotearoa (University of New Zealand)

I was educated at Mount Roskill Grammar School, Auckland and then at Hamilton Teachers College. After teaching I worked in the computer industry with Burroughs computers (now UNISYS) and Wang Computers before entering into Maori tribal development with the Maori Congress. I helped start and am currently a foundation Council member of Te Wanga o Aotearoa which translates to University of New Zealand. I set up the first early learning centre under the Wananga and am now endeavouring to start a high school as well.

  • Wananga
  • Whanau
  • Ancestral knowledge
  • Indigenous value systems
  • Muscle memory
  • Vital renaissance of cultural and artistic traditions

(60 min. Workshop, English)