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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Who's Teaching Whom?: Challenges for Media Educators Teaching Technologically Savvy Students

Dr. Denise Matthews, Dr Jaime Gomez.

Keeping pace with the technological innovations produced by the digital revolution presents media educators and their funding administrators with constant challenges. Students are entering college with technological knowledge and skills in web-based and traditional production that often outstrip what is provided within the university curriculum. The bottlenecks are time and money: time for educators to acquire new technological skill and money to purchase current, relevant software. On top of this challenge, the educator must deal with the psychological issues inherent in dealing with students who may know more about the technological specifics of the software than they do. Although allocating training and software dollars is a fundamental requirement, media educators must commit to defining and teaching the essentials of aural and visual storytelling and messaging that transcend the ever-changing technological landscape. The ability to effectively convey these principles and to mentor students in producing dynamic communications will distinguish communication education from software instruction. This ECSU panel of Department of Communication faculty will address these issues through lively discussion and salient examples.


Dr. Denise Matthews  (United States)
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
Eastern Connecticut State University

After 25 years as a television and educational media producer I earned a PhD from the University of FL in Mass Communications. I became Communications Director for a national institute focused on child heath and the training of social service providers dealing with children with disabilities. I then became a full time faculty member at the University of Oregon and then the University of Georgia, teaching courses in television production. I am currently an associate professor at Eastern Connecticut State University, making documentaries and researching issues related to the college student and their relationship to new and traditional media. I am particularly interested in creating curricula that are relevant to their experiences both as media consumers and as media producers.

Dr Jaime Gomez  (United States)

Eastern Connecitcut State University

  • Media education
  • Digital revolution
  • Storytelling and technology

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)