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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Information Technology As The Greatest Empowerment Tool Ever

Dr. Chima Igwe, Chief Charles O. Okereke.

Information Technology is increasingly affecting the lives of everyone one way or another. Mail can now be sent within minutes, even seconds to any part of the world. Stamps and other postal fees are not necessary sending electronic mails(emails) through the Internet. Emails are free using one's computer, at public libraries and selected public concerns. Large phone bills are now a thing of the past as calls can be made at minimal cost using voice over Internet technology. Other beneficial dividends of Information Technology are highlighted in this draft proposal and will be discussed in details in the paper. The benefits of Information Technology is enormous and can correctly be described as the greatest empowerment tool ever. Technology transfer from the developed to the under developed in now largely possible through the emergence of Information Technology as will be seen in this paper


Dr. Chima Igwe  (United States)
Division of Education
Philander Smith College

Dr. Chima Uko Igwe is the first son of late Chief and Mrs. James Uko Igwe, of Item,Abia State, a Pioneer Administrator in Eastern Nigeria.He is married to Olaedo Ugonma , and they have two children, Nnenna Joanna and James Chima Igwe. Dr. Igwe has a B.A and M.A degrees in Political Science and a Doctor of Education degree, Ed.D-in Educational Leadership. He is also a licensed Social Studies Educator. He has taught at the High School level in Nigeria, and the K-12 levels in the U.S as a substitute teacher. At present, a College Professor and Chair, of the Division of Education at Philander Smith College, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Chief Charles O. Okereke

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