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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

A Deaf Community's Tribute to Langston Hughes of the Harlem Renaissance

Dr. Barbara Hardaway.

This research undertaking utilizes multifacted approaches to access African-Am. literature through technology, Amer. Sign Language and performance art. Harlem Renaissance author Langston Hughes was chosen because of this writer's ability to write cultural themes from dialectic folktales to classical English metaphors. The DVD/video captures the African-American cultural experience, societal racism, poverty, racial pride, and the economic changes of Black Americans during the first half of the 20th century. Deaf performers sign the selected poems with informative inserts provided between performances to give viewers historical and cultural information. This year-long project is a teaching tool in English and has been translated into American Sign Language; there is vocal narration and captioning for all audiences to view.The primary translation consultants for the project were a Mexican-American Deaf, female instructor and an Euro-American Hearing, male instructor who worked closely with the text and were involved in coaching during rehearsals with the actors. This DVD/video project goes beyond scholarly research, embraces a diverse and inclusive approach to education and uses current technology to facilitate cultural and English literacy for Hearing and Deaf audiences.


Dr. Barbara Hardaway  (United States)
Professor of English
Department of English Faculty of English
Gallaudet University of Washington, D.C.

Dr. Hardaway has been on faculty at Gallaudet University for the past twenty years. During her tenure she has published works related to diverse population with physical impairments, provides intercultural training for businesses and government agencies. Additionally, she is a visual artist with theatrical background that she brought to the Deaf culture. She is a recipient of the Telly and Aurora Awards in the field of special topics for educational videography. Her video projects include a blending of the African-American and Deaf cultural experiences. She uses videography technologies and Deaf actors to introduce Ebonics and African-American literature to Deaf and Hearing audiences via DVD/video technologies.

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(60 min. Workshop, English)