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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Public Libraries and the Learning Economy

Adele Kenneally.

Public libraries have often been described as 'the working man's university'and have quietly underpinned education programs in most western communities over the past 150 years. This paper describes some of the more recent roles of public libraries in Canada where they are actively participating as partners in 'Learning Communities'. It also examines the different approach taken in the United Kingdom where public libraries are being funded and are rolling out programs to support the national agenda of lifelong learning, and their contribution to the regeneration of local communities and their economic development. In addition, the contribution of public libraries in Australia, particularly Victoria, and the varied approaches and debates regarding the core function and role of the public library are also explored.


Adele Kenneally  (Australia)
Chief Executive Officer

Glenelg Regional Library Corporation

Adele Kenneally has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Glenelg Regional Library for the past 8 years. She has written papers on mobile library services and represents rural Victorian public libraries on a number of state wide committees. Adele was the recipient of the Marjery C Ramsay Scholarship in 2002, and undertaook a study tour in 2003 to research public libraries and learning communities.

  • Public libraries
  • Learning communities

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