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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Speaking Truth to Power: Feminist Pedagogy and Youth Advocacy in South Los Angeles

Dr Sikivu Hutchinson.

This paper will focus on the issue of educating African American and Latino middle school women to become public advocates in the feminist and civil rights movement traditions. Given the devaluation of feminist principles of social organization, gender roles and identity, the process of re-educating young women of color to become aware of the ways in which racism and sexism intersect in their daily lives has become especially fraught. In this paper I will elaborate on some of the major issues that I have been confronted with as founder and director of a civic engagement mentoring program based in South Los Angeles. I will focus on social, economic and cultural conditions facing young women in the South L.A. community: tensions between blacks and Latinos vis-à-vis the changing demographic makeup of South Los Angeles: the effect of cultural stereotyping on girls of color: and advocacy strategies that the young women that I work with have adopted for social change in their school communities.


Dr Sikivu Hutchinson  (United States)

Sikivu Hutchinson is founder and director of the Women's Leadership Project, a feminist mentoring program for middle school girls in South Los Angeles. She has taught at UCLA, Cal Arts and Seattle University and is the author of Imagining Transit: Race, Gender, and Transportation Politics in Los Angeles (2003).

  • Young Women of Color and Feminism

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)