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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Digital Video: Assessment in Language in Literature

Julee A. Russell, Kay Kringlie.

Valley City State University is fortunate to be able to provide students and faculty with the technological tools necessary to integrate technology at all levels of teaching / learning. In addition to the IBM Thinkpad computers students and faculty have easy access to mini-digital video cameras, digital still cameras and video-conferencing cameras. This combination has proven to be effective in terms of putting the power of video and video editing into the hands of the students.

The use of video in educational settings is not new; however, the use of digital video, produced and edited by students, is an innovative teaching / learning experience. The use of digital video provides the student with the opportunity to plan a project from beginning to end and to exercise control over the final product, emphasizing quality and student self-reflection. It provides the instructor with another valuable tool in evaluation. This workshop will demonstrate examples of projects which incorporate digital video as well as assist participants in designing digital video projects. In the current academic setting where educational institutions are being required to demonstrate student learning to constituents such as, accrediting agencies, tax payers, legislators, parents and students, digital video has become a valuable academic tool for both teachers and learners.

This workshop will also provide participants with access to an electronic template that they will be able to use to create video projects for their own students. The template (on CD-ROM) will include an outline of a video project, a story-board, a sample criteria list (for the instructor and the student), and a sample student self-assessment document.


Julee A. Russell  (United States)
Associate Professor of English
{line 1}Department of Communication Arts {line 2}Division of Communication Arts and Social Science
Valley City State University

Julee Ann Hauff Russell holds a Ph. D. in Teaching and Learning and an M.A. in English from the University of North Dakota. Teaching experience includes secondary and university English. Currently, Julee teaches English at Valley City State University. She chairs the Division of Communication Arts and Social Science.

Kay Kringlie  (United States)
Professor of Spanish
Department of Communication Arts
Valley City State University

Kay Kringlie teaches at Valley City State University in North Dakota(USA). Her experience includes teaching English and Spanish. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia and has helped with the establishment of sister-university relationships between VCSU and universities in Mexico.

  • Digital video
  • Assessment
  • Proficiency guidelines
  • Criteria
  • Storyboard

(60 min. Workshop, English)