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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Eleventh International Literacy and Education Research Network Conference on Learning

Reinventing the Word: Post-Literacy America, and the Misconceptions of 'Knowledge Economy' Pedagogy

Ray Waller.

Technologically fetishized tools (such as Powerpoint and the personal computer) have combined with the expectations of a global, 'knowledge economy' ideology to create a form of what I call "Corporate Realism" (CR). CR creates powerful misconceptions. These misconceptions have in turn created false expectations of education, and have falsely constructed frameworks for pedagogy. These falsehoods (such as the expectation that education ought to 'train' students to negotiate a corporate, globalist, post-literate world market) have led to a dangerous diminution in the most vital skills of literacy, namely, critical thought, historical sensibility, contextual analysis, and critical analysis rooted in a sense of identity and of place.


Ray Waller  (United States)
Writing Consultant and Tutor, Barry University Wrting Center
Barry University Writing Center
Barry University, Miami Shores Campus

Rayfield is a native of Detroit, Michigan a product of the public education system (Denby Sr. High and Finney Sr. High--then a BA in English from Wayne State University, in Detroit). He attended Cornell University on scholarship for MA, MFA and PhD work. He studied in the English department there, read semiotics, post modernism, and studied creative writing with the poet, Professor Phyllis Janowitz, the mother of Tama Janowitz. Studied with Jacques Derrida, Wole Soyinka, Gyatri Spivak, Laura Mulvey, Molley Hite, and A.R. Ammons.

Travelled in Africa, England, and France for a while, published some fiction, poetry and a lot of journalism (his book, "Abstract Blues" is available on Amazon.Com, and his journalism is available at and has published in various literary magazines, been featured on NPR, and traveled with Lalapalooza as a poet on a leash, reading with the wonderful Maggie Estep. He now teaches adjunct at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. Lives in beautiful (and boring) Coral Gables. Writing screenplays most of the time, looking for his first break into the film industry.

  • Technology and Pedagogy
  • Literacy and Knowledge Economies in the First World

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)